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COVID-19 Policy

as of September 2021...

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that COVID has been on the rise again. We are seeing 5-10 patients a day test positive via drive-by testing at our office or elsewhere. There is no common thread to the symptoms in those who test positive. Many think they just have allergies, some have headaches, some have GI symptoms, some have fever, some have sore throats… and quite a few have no symptoms at all! Almost none report loss of taste or smell, so do not think this is needed for the diagnosis.

We are starting almost all sick visits as virtual visits and then deciding the appropriate course of action from there. For many, the next step is coming to the office for "drive-by" testing of one sort or another. When needed, we can examine the patient in the office as well. We have the capability of doing COVID, strep, RSV, and flu testing, and are currently able to keep these tests stocked.

Reassuringly, I have had only 1-2 patients with COVID require hospitalization since it all began. (As a comparison, I have had 7-8 admitted with RSV over the last 3 months) Most patients in the pediatric age range with COVID are having mild illnesses. The difference this year compared to last is that the current variant spreads easier, so often multiple family members end up positive.

In addition to COVID, we are seeing quite a bit of strep as well as other respiratory viruses. RSV has tapered off but is still in the community.

Phone Calls and Wait Times

September 2021

Our phones have never been busier. We are doing our best to handle the volume of calls, messages, and patient visits; but we are not able to respond as quickly as we would normally like. If you leave a message or are waiting for a test result, we WILL get back to you as soon as we are able, but it may not be as soon as you are used to.

My staff and I are working till 6:30 or 7:00 every night because of the increased volume. We are not leaving at the end of the day until we have reached everyone. If you are waiting for a call or virtual visit during the day, it would help us tremendously if you try to keep your phone with you to improve our chances of connecting the first time we call. If we miss you, we will move on to other patients and try again later. You do not need to call our office back. Thank you for your understanding.

Immunization Policy

I recommend and follow the current standard immunization schedule as laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I am no longer accepting new patients who elect not to immunize or who choose to significantly delay their child's immunizations.

We will accept and support the following:

- new patients who are behind on their immunizations and desire to become current

- families who desire to split up the vaccines to limit the number of shots given at one time by making extra trips in between check-ups to stay on schedule.

- skipping particular vaccine(s) for medical reasons such as an immunocompromised family member, etc.

"... All together, this is an awesome place with awesome people." Kaylee S.

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